MSgt Colin D. Broussard, USMC Retired

MSgt Colin Broussard USMC served as a member of the Ambassador Graham Martin's Personal Security Unit in Saigon, Republic of Vietnam during the Fall of Saigon, officially known as 'Operation Frequent Wind'.   During 'Operation Frequent Wind' MSgt (then SSgt) Broussard was assigned as an escort and driver for Ambassador Graham Martin.  He left South Vietnam at the side of Ambassador Martin on the third chopper out.

SSgt Colin Broussard, Ambassador Martin's Bodyguard - Call Sign:  RAM

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Later, he became a career recruiter for the United States Marine Corps.  His exceptional service in this difficult task allowed the Marine Corps to recover from its post-Vietnam nadir.  The young men and women MSgt Broussard recruited into the Marine Corps in the late 1970's through the 1980's now form the Staff NCO ranks of the Marine Corps we are all so proud of today.

MSgt Colin Broussard, 12th Marine Corps District Contact Team Leader



He rejoined the Corps as a civilian in 1996 after six years in corporate America.  He was looking for the camaraderie and meaning available only in that elite fighting force.  He got it.  His accomplishments were many and varied - but generally revolved around helping recruiters in the field.  He connected recruiting to training to the fleet in ways never dreamed of before.  His work is now integrated into the fabric of the Corps - and always will be.

5thCivDiv Colin Broussard, CISD Programmer/Analyst, MCRD San Diego/Western Recruiting Region



Colin passed away in December 2005 - Rest in Peace Marine


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The rest of the Ambassador Martins' PPSU Detail that served with Jim Daisy minus Paul Gozgit and Clem Seguara

From Left to Right (in Civilian Formation):  Dwight McDonald, Steve Johnson, Colin Broussard, Kevin Maloney






Let us not forget that a man is not necessarily his work.  Here is a photo of Colin at his daughter's wedding.  It was a beautiful ceremony.  His daughter, Kelly, and son in law, Jesse, had a child in 2005.  His name is Conner.  Colin doted over him like any grandparent does...






I don't know if Colin would approve, but I have an odd sense of humor that he dealt with rather well.  That's SSgt Rahn on Colin's left.  A great Marine - both militarily and technically.  And, I couldn't figure out how to chop the sod on Colin's left - any help out there.  Obviously, I am not a Marine - and was not there for Operation Frequent Wind.  Somehow Colin got along with me though.

And another, um,