SSgt Jim Daisy USMC

SSgt Jim Daisy, PPSU (The Ambassadors Bodyguards)
Call Sign:  Moose
"all animals - 10/7 fox-4"

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Jim died in 1995 Rest in Peace Marine


SSgt Jim Daisy USMC served as a member of the Ambassador Graham Martin's Personal Security Unit in Saigon, Republic of Vietnam throughout the Fall of Saigon, Operation  "Frequent Winds".   Jim served as the unit's Armor and was one of the unit's finest Marines.  He was respected by Ambassador Martin and his fellow Marines.  For SSgt Jim Daisy's heroism he was awarded a Navy Achievement Medal signed off by the Secretary of the Navy.   You will always be remembered.

SSgt Jim Daisy died in February 1997.  He was attempting to get counseling from the VA due to stress related illness from Vietnam.

SSgt Dwight McDonald also a member of the Ambassador's Personal Security Unit and I was able to console his wife.

Colin Broussard

- Rest In Peace Marine -


  Jim Daisy's and the Ambassador's Bodyguards Fall of Saigon Story

  PPSU House

  SSgt Jim Daisy at the Imperial Palace Hue City, South Vietnam

From left to right:  Sgt Paul Gozgit, SSgt Jim Daisy, SSgt Clem Seguara, Ambassador Martin

The rest of the Ambassador Martins' PPSU Detail that served with Jim Daisy minus Paul Gozgit and Clem Seguara
From Left to Right:  Dwight McDonald, Steve Johnson, Colin Broussard, Kevin Maloney