Defense Attache Office

GySgt Vasco Martin was sent to the Defense Attache Office 

from the American Embassy to take charge off at least 12 Marines

Defense Attache Office Stories

We had 68 Marines that were attached to the American Embassy Saigon and an additional platoon from Fourth Marines that landed to assist us.   Major Kean had to split our forces between the American Embassy Saigon and the Defense Attaché Office.   Below is the Defense Attaché Office Marines and stories.

   LtCol Kean       MSgt Martin    Cpl McMahon   LCpl Judge    Cpl Holmes
     Sgt Murray       Sgt Maloney,    LCpl English      LCpl Winkelmann    LCPL Stewart
SSgt SeguraSSgt McDonald, SSgt Daisey, SSgt Broussard,  Sgt Gozgit

DAO Stories

Major Kean (Commanding Officer - After Action Report)
MSgt Vasco Martin USMC, Retired
Cpl Charles McMahon's Story
LCpl Darwin Judge's Story

  Otis Holmes at DAO Compound - WIA
  The DAO Compound, Than Son Nut Airbase (Ted Murray)
  The DAO Compound and the Evacuation (Kevin Maloney)
  The DAO Compound by (Bill English)

Bernie Winkelman - DAO Compound
  Ambassador Martins Bodyguards

Colonel Steve Hasty (Staff Noncommissioned Officer in Charge of  Can Tho Detachment ) presents Cpl Otis Holmes a long pass due Purple Heart.   Cpl Otis Holmes was wounded at the same time that Cpl McMahon and LCpl Judge was killed-in-action.

 All Fall of Saigon Stories 

DAO Area Checkpoint

Marine guarding area at Defense Attaché Office after a bombing from North Vietnam Army.

Thousands of Vietnamese that worked for America was evacuated from the DAO Compound.

North Vietnam Army attacking Ton Shan Nut Airbase near DAO.
Eleven North Vietnam Divisions surrounded Saigon.