Many articles, documentaries, interviews and books have been written about The Fall of Saigon. we will attempt to list the ones we know of. If you know of any more please contact us and we will post it.


The Fall of Saigon (David Butler)
Tears Before the Rain, Remembering the Fall of Saigon (Larry Engelmann)
Peace With Honor (Stuart A. Herrington )
The Soldiers' Story (Vietnam in their own words) 1999 (Ron Steinman)
White Christmas in April: The Collapse of South Vietnam, 1975 by J. Edward Lee, Toby Haynsworth
Last Men Out (2011) by Bob Drury and Tom Clavin - Buy the Book


People Magazine (Will provide the date of issue.)
Newsweek Magazine( May 12, 1975)
Newsweek Magazine ( May 5, 1975)
Time Magazine (May 15, 1985)
Time Magazine (May 19, 1975)
Leatherneck Magazine ( Sept 1975)
Magazine February 1992 Colonel John Madison (Picture of Saigon Marines)

Documentary Films

10,000 Day War (Includes many of the Saigon Marines)
CNN's Documentary of the 20th Anniversary
Discovery Documentary - The Fall of Saigon
The Learning Channel The Soldiers Story

Televised Interviews

CNN - Larry Kean Live (with LtCol Kean & Steve Schuller - 20th Anniversary)
The Morning Show
- (Major Kean Interview)
Channel 8 News, Washington, D.C
, - (Dwight McDonald, Jim Daisey, Colin Broussard)
Kevin Maloney - About 8 assorted interviews including a spot regarding Miss Saigon. ....The .remainder with the Fall of Saigon.
Major Kean - MSNBC Website
Colin Broussard - NBC News (25th Anniversary and Website)


"The Final Perimeter", Larry Engelmann

Other Articles

Poem about "The Fall of Saigon and Miss Saigon"