Memorial/26th Reunion @ Woburn, Massachutes

Saigon Marines at Cpl McMahon's Grave

Cpl McMahon's Medals 

This weekend April 29-30 2001 we are honoring Cpl McMahon at the Boys Club in Woburn, Massachutes.  The Governor of Massachutes, CO and SgtMajor of the Marine Security Guard Battalion and Saigon Marines will be in attendance.

  30 April 2001

Thirteen Saigon Marines gathered in Woburn, Massachusetts and paid tribute to the memory of Corporal Charles McMahon Jr.

GySgt. Mike Bertini
John Ghilian
Paul Gozgit
Lt.Col. James H. Kean
John Kirchner
Dave Leet
Kevin Maloney
Bill Newell
Dr. Don Nicohlas
CWO-2 Doug Potratz
Randy Smith
Steve Stratton
MGySgt.  John. J. Valdez

The Commanding Officer and Sergeant Major from MSG Battalion at Quantico did a superb job representing our Battalion.  The Sergeant Major ensured that the color guard hit each mark.

gt Major and Colonel Hurley, CO of the MSG Battalion at Cpl McMahon's Memorial Services

  The 25th Marines provided a sharp Color Guard.  The event was hosted by the Boys and Girls Club of Woburn.  The guest of Honor was Susan McMahon, Charlie's sister.  Sadly, Charles McMahon Sr., away last Tuesday.  

A brief ceremony was conducted at Charlie's grave site by the Saigon Marines.

In the gymnasium of the Boys and Girls Club:

Colonel Kean made the opening remarks and introduced each speaker.  He did a great deal of work making this event a success.

 John Ghilain deserves all of our thanks for organizing the event.  John's dedicated effort made the execution of the event flawless.  In April 1975 he carried a big load, again he has stepped in and taken on a big assignment.  John was the person who did all the grunt work that made this occasion.  He arranged the hotel, dinners, scheduled events, and hosted all of us. Woburn worked and it worked beautifully because of John.

Top Valdez was the keynote speaker.  John is organizing a large reunion, which will be held in San Diego this October.    Don Nicholas is a medical Doctor.  He flew his own airplane to Massachusetts from Ohio.       Dave Leet is a Captain for UPS.  He flies a Boeing 757.  
Steve Stratton has gotten bigger.  Steve drives a truck and lives in the California  Mountains. He is a follower of the running guru Ken Crouse.

John Kirchner manages an airport near Naples Florida.  Time improves some things, I am not sure that John is one of them.    Bill Newell must be up to something; he walks around with a big smile.  I am suspicious.   

His own film crew accompanied Doug Potratz.  Doug brought his son, Doug Jr. about 10 years old.  It was great to see father and son.  Doug, Bill, and Jim conducted a business meeting Saturday night.

Mike Bertini has worked tirelessly seeking out missing members.  This month he has put us in contact with Otis Holmes and John Moya.

Randy Smith flew in from Venice Florida.  Randy has a new career as a building contractor.

About two hundred people attended the ceremony on Sunday including nine members of the McMahon family.  Colonel Hurley, the CO of MSG Bn. presented The Purple Heart Medal, the American Flag and other items to Susan McMahon.  Susan in turn presented those items to the Boys and Girls Club of Woburn.  The Club's director, Rick Metters accepted the flag and medals.  They will be on permanent display at the Boy's Club.


Drew McMahon Trophy

Rick Metters and LtCol Jim Kean

More to come...