30th Fall of Saigon Marines Association Reunion

Fall of Saigon Marines Association

30th Anniversary

Vietnam Wall with Fall of Saigon cover near Cpl McMahon and LCpl Judge's names

Colonel Steve Hasty (Staff Noncommissioned Officer in Charge of  Can Tho Detachment ) presents Cpl Otis Holmes a long pass due Purple Heart.   Cpl Otis Holmes was wounded at the same time that Cpl McMahon and LCpl Judge was killed-in-action.

Front Row (L-R): Gary Mellinger, J.D. Sneed, Lamar Holmes, John Ghilain, Doug Potratz,  R.C. Smith, Terry Bennington, Duane Gevers, Ken Crouse.  Second Row = Ted Murray, Kevin Maloney, Steve Moore,  Larry Killens, John Kirchner, Bill Newell,  Colin Broussard, Mike Sweeny, John Valdez, Steve Stratton, Dean Kinzie, John Moya and Chris Woods.

Can Tho Detachment
Front Row:  Colonel Steve Hasty
Second Row (Left to Right) Lee Johnson and Steve Moore
Third Row (Left to Right) Larry Killens and John Kirchner

From left to right:   Near the Vietnam Wall:   Sgt Bill Spruce, CWO Doug Potratz, ( Captain Quang X. Pham USMC) was evacuated by the Marines during the Fall of Saigon.  He later joined the Marines and became a chopper pilot for the Corps),  Sgt Geagley, Cpl Ghilain and MSgt Broussard

Lance Corporal Ken Crouse USMC, Sgt Ted Murray USMC and MGySgt John Valdez Retired near the
Lincoln Memorial

SSgt Steve Stratton and  Lance Corporal Ken Crouse - Crossroads Inn, Quantico, Virginia

Rich Paddock and Hai look over a scrapbook depicting her evacuation from the country after the fall of Saigon in '75..

Fall of Saigon Marines Associations Officers receive
Certificate Commendations

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Officers Selection

President MGySgt Valdez- Reelected
Vice President/PAO Cpl John Ghilain - New Officer
Secretary Sgt Ken Crouse - Reelected
Attorney CWO Doug Potratz - Reelected
Treasurer Sgt Bill Newell - Reelected
Historian Col Steve Hasty - Reelected
WebMaster MSgt Colin Broussard - Reelected