Message from
Colonel David W. Hurley USMC (Retired)

Colonel David W. Hurley USMC (Retired)

The Fall of Saigon Marines Association wants to thank Colonel Hurley for all the help he provided and assistance he provided us as the Commanding Officer, Marine Security Guard Battalion.

Commanding Officer, Marine Security Battalion
Colonel David W. Hurley USMC

Subj: 29 April
Date: 4/30/00 10:47:54 AM Pacific Daylight Time

From: Hurley Col David W
[email protected]

Colin: Please pass along to all the following:

Marines/Saigon MSGs:

Yesterday was a day I will never forget. These are the types of occasions that rekindles that elusive but powerful feeling and spirit we all share. It was what made all of us walk into the recruiters office many years ago & sustained us through the rigors of boot camp, combat and shared losses. What we share and are fortunate enough to be able to renew on days like this no civilian or other military member will ever experience. It is a day to always remember because it serves to remind us that the bonds between Marines stand the test of time, miles and searing memories of violent days. I'm here to help you out whenever you need it. Whether its a tour of the Battalion, some award, an official letter or whatever, you know where I am. I was proud to be among you & your presence reawakened in me a degree of humility that I have not experienced in years. I just finished putting some items in the display case where LCpl Judge's and Cpl McMahon's passports, etc are on display. The newspaper headlines from the Des Moines Register 0f 30 April and your program will now sit beside their passports and pictures, adding to their and your legacy & ensuring the future generations of MSGs will always know the story of the Saigon Marines. Thanks again for allowing me to be with you...

Semper Fi, Colonel Dave Hurley
Colonel David W. Hurley USMC
Commanding Officer
Marine Security Guard Battalion
(State Dept)

Marine Security Guard Battalion SgtMajor and CO (Colonel Hurley)

Colonel Steve Hasty (one of our own Fall of  Saigon Marines) is now the the Commanding Officers of the Marine Security Guard Battalion