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U.S. Marine on wall of U.S. Embassy, Saigon, Vietnam

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Section XII of the By Laws state:  It is further resolved that membership to the Association is closed to the Public and only to those persons who served in the Marine Security Guard Battalion in Vietnam on April 29-30, 1975 be allowed membership in the Association." 

Marines defending the Walls of the Embassy

Marines loading up a CH-46 Chopper in Compound


Marines on roof of Embassy

U.S. Marine at Than Son Nut Airbase during an attack
of five NVA Division north of the base
Photos of our young Marines after the Fall of Saigon.
 On various ships in the South China Sea.

Fall of Saigon Marine Stories

  After Action Report: 17 April - 7 May 1975  (Major Jim Ken)
The Last to Leave (MGySgt John Valdez)
Ambassador Martins Bodyguards( SSgt Clem Segura and MSgt Colin Broussard)
The DAO Compound, Than Son Nut Airbase (Ted Murray)
The DAO Compound and the Evacuation (Kevin Maloney)
The DAO Compound by (Bill English)
Letter to the CMC from Ambassador Graham Martin
The Last Marine to Die in Vietnam (by Doug Potratz)
It's Your Country (by Don Nicholas)
  LCpl Darwin L Judge (Share your story)
  Dwight McDonald story about LCpl Judge
  Bill Newell Memorial Day: A Veteran's Perspective
Ken Crouse answering a letter to a Student
  Otis Holmes at DAO Compound - Wounded
Cpl Charles McMahon Jr. - KIA
  LCpl Darwin Judge - KIA
Randy Smith (Last to stand duty and pull colors)
  Lazaro "Chief" Arriola
J.D. Sneed - Na Trang
Bernie Winkelmann's - DAO Compound
Second Leatherneck Story about the Fall of Saigon

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Secretary - Ken Crouse - k[email protected]

Treasurer  - Bill Newell  - [email protected]

Historian -  Colonel Steve Hasty USMC - [email protected]

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