MSgt J. J. Valdez

NCOIC Saigon, Vietnam.  Photo taken on or near 1975.

Front Row (L-R): Gary Mellinger, J.D. Sneed, Lamar Holmes, John Ghilain, Doug Potratz Randy Smith, Terry Bennington, Duane Gevers, Ken CrouseSecond Row = Ted Murray, Kevin Maloney, Steve MooreLarry Killens, John Kirchner, Bill NewellColin Broussard, Mike Sweeny, John Valdez, Steve Stratton, Dean Kinzie, John Moya and Chris Woods.

MGySgt J.J. Valdez the former NCOIC of MSG Saigon is on the top row, 6th from the left
Photo taken at the 25th Fall of Saigon reunion and memorial services for LCpl Darwin Judge USMC

MGySgt JJ Valdez at reunion for Cpl Charles McMahan USMC.
Top is located 5th from the right.

President of the Fall of Saigon Marines Association

Top Valdez after the evacuation on the USS Blue ridge April -  May 1975

MGySgt Valdez's speech to the Fall of Saigon Marines during our 25th reunion honoring one of our fallen Marines:
 LCpl Darwin Judge

MSgt Valdez receiving awards for the Fall  of Saigon (Operation Frequent Winds) 

Lance Corporal Ken Crouse USMC, Sgt Ted Murray USMC and MGySgt John Valdez Retired near the
Lincoln Memorial